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November 2010



Clearing Storm, Antarctic Sound

Antarctic Peninsula


Eight years ago, in Antarctica, I had a revelation. I was traveling with my first digital camera, a Nikon D100. I also had my F100 film workhorse - for serious pictures...  In those days, digital was still an experimental lark; I didn't take it all that seriously, or realize how quickly it would transform nearly every aspect of my profession, and my life.

There were many days on that trip when the light simply didn't lend itself to color photography - it was flat, uninteresting, or otherwise unshootable. One night, looking at a day's worth of mediocre images on my laptop, I started playing with transforming images into black and white. Wow. It was visual alchemy : I could take a lousy color picture and create something stunning in black and white, using simple tools like Levels or Saturation. Pretty soon, that's all I wanted to do...

I leave tomorrow for 3 weeks in Antarctica - my first trip to the Peninsula since that memorable trip. And although I look forward to the penguins, the seals, the icebergs and all the rest, I'm most excited about shooting b&w landscapes. I can't wait.


Nikon D100 with Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8 lens ( I think)


Life, Color, Drama, Reality .... No Digital Manipulation




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