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Sea Palms

Sea Palms, California Coast ,  July 2005


On a drive down the California coast, we stopped at legendary Salt Point to see, and photograph, the wonderful rock formations there.  It was only after an hour or two of wandering that I noticed this scene just offshore.

The Sea Palm (Postelsia) lives in the most turbulent zone of the rocky shoreline where it is repeatedly battered by even relatively modest waves.  I have always been struck by its tenacity and was delighted to spend some time trying to capture it on film.

Camera :  Nikon D2X Digital,  80-200mm lens  


Meanwhile, the wonderful new film, MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, has been amazingly successful.   Rightly so, because it is a stunning portrayal of one of the greatest stories in Nature : the life history of the Emperor Penguin.   We have a terrific collection of images of Emperor Penguins - and all of the other 16 species.  Have a look at Kevin's book, Penguin Planet.



Life, Color, Drama, Reality .... No Digital Manipulation


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