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American White Pelicans arguing

Fort Myers, Florida


I recently made a pilgrimage to Florida's Gulf Coast to photograph the wonderful variety of birds that gather there

in the winter months.  It is surprising how much wildlife lives here among the strip malls and condo developments. 

One afternoon I found a small boat dock where fishermen brought in their catch, attracting not only the usual brown

pelican beggars but also these handsome white pelicans.  These two seemed to be arguing over a fish scrap that

neither one had managed to get.


Camera :  Nikon D2X  Digital

Life, Color, Drama, Reality .... No Digital Manipulation


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Meanwhile, Kevin is leading several photographic trips in 2007.

In May/June, he will lead two photographic trips to Madagascar.  For more information look here.

Then, in August, he will be aboard a voyage to Eastern Greenland.  For details see:  Greenland.

Let Kevin know if you have any questions about either trip.


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