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sealion underwater


Galapagos Sea Lion (Zalophus wollebaeki) Female underwater, Floreana Is.


           You would think this would be easy...  Sea lions in the Galapagos are curious, unafraid - and constantly in motion.  The hard part is not getting close to them: the hard part is getting them to stop doing high-speed loops around you so fast that it's impossible to keep them in the viewfinder. 

            This young sea lion obliged by stopping just long enough to take a look at me -- and then it began twisting me into knots again...



Camera :  Nikon D200 Digital in Ikelite Housing

Life, Color, Drama, Reality .... No Digital Manipulation


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Meanwhile, Kevin is offering several photographic trips in 2007.

In May/June, he will lead two photographic trips to Madagascar.  For more information look here.

Then, in August, he will be aboard a voyage to Eastern Greenland.  For details see:  Greenland.

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