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California Gray Whale (Eschrichtius robustus), Calf Underwater

San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California


The gray whales of Baja's San Ignacio Lagoon are astonishingly curious, often inviting contact with humans and even an occasional scratch.  This young calf spent half an hour playing around our boat, until everyone aboard was exhausted with  pleasure.

At one point I lowered my underwater camera over the side and, shooting blindly, managed to capture this unexpected view of the young calf, its eye filled with playful curiosity.   

I will be returning to San Ignacio Lagoon in March on a Photo Expedition with Lindblad Expeditions.  The trip will also include several days looking for Blue Whales in Mexico's legendary Sea of Cortez.  If you might be interested in joining me, look HERE for more information. 


Camera :  Nikonos V with 15mm lens

Film : Fuji Velvia 100

Life, Color, Drama, Reality .... No Digital Manipulation


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Meanwhile, Kevin is leading several other photographic trips in 2007.

In May/June, he will lead two photographic trips to Madagascar.  For more information look here.

Then, in August, he will be aboard a voyage to Eastern Greenland.  For details see:  Greenland.

Let Kevin know if you have any questions about either trip.


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