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August 2010



Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)

81 degrees N., Svalbard


On a National Geographic cruise to arctic Svalbard this month, we plowed through the pack ice to search of polar bears. The ice had retreated from the coast, so we simply had to head north until we encountered the ice edge, and then begin to scan for bears. Fog and thin, scattered ice hampered the search, but eventually, the mist parted and revealed this handsome, curious bear that approached the ship casually and stayed for most of an hour. I thought this pose very un-bear-like, almost coy. But that's the way this bear was: relaxed and even playful, as if happy for the distraction.

In the end , we left it just where we encountered it, on a floating slab of ice, 60 miles from the nearest land, searching for its next meal. Seeing bears this way (rather than, say, on the shabby tundra of Churchill) is to appreciate how challenging their lives really are. And how dependent they are on the ice that is slowly vanishing from the Arctic.


Nikon D300 with Nikkor 300mm f2.8 lens

Life, Color, Drama, Reality .... No Digital Manipulation



Kevin will be serving as the National Geographic photo lecturer later this year aboard the "National Geographic Explorer".

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