"I have been fascinated by penguins since I first went to the Antarctic more than twenty years ago. Since that time, I have followed them to locations on four continents and some of the most remote, and beautiful, places in the world. Along the way, I learned some surprising things. For example, although we think of penguins as creatures of the ice and snow, very few really live this way: there are tropical penguins and desert penguins, and penguins that live in the deep forest. In this book, I try to tell the real story of penguins, combined with photographs that allow the reader to briefly enter the penguin's world."

Kevin Schafer and Taylor Trade Publishing are pleased to announce the new, second edition of Penguin Planet. With over a hundred stunning color images, Penguin Planet is the result of Schafer's ten-year mission to observe and photograph each of the seventeen species of penguin in the wild, in locations all over the world. It is the first book of its kind to document all of the many kinds of penguins, and includes some rare and astonishing underwater images.

PLEASE NOTE: Penguin Planet is avaiable in a paperback edition only. There is no hardbound version.

In addition to the book's beautiful photography, Mr. Schafer, a former seabird biologist and naturalist, reveals many surprising facts about penguins and discusses why these birds are so eternally popular.


"Penguins clearly like being around other penguins, but when the time comes to breed, this fondness grows to obsession. And though we like to think of penguins as happy little creatures, guileless and good-natured, five minutes in a penguin rookery will dispel that notion forever. When gathered in the tens of thousands, penguins are smelly, argumentative-and noisy beyond belief.

No gathering of wild animals on earth can compete with the deafening cacophony produced by a quarter million penguins, all shouting simultaneously at the top of their lungs, expressing their annoyance, their joy-and their unbridled lust. It is a symphony of desire, a chorus of complaint, all accompanied by a staggering, ammoniac odor that beggars description. It is not a place for the faint of heart."

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