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BLUE PLANET: Recent Underwater Photography


belugas underwater
Beluga Whales, Manitoba

Three-quarters of our planet is covered with water. Yet, during the twenty years I have worked as a wildlife photographer, I have largely ignored the marine world, and the many creatures that inhabit it. Then, a few years ago, I was inspired by a handful of underwater photographs I made of penguins for my book, Penguin Planet, and decided that I wanted to do much more within this wonderful blue realm.

Since then, I have traveled to locations around the world to capture images that reveal the beauty and grace of marine animals in the wild. In some cases -- e.g. in extremely cold water! -- I have relied on what are known as “lean-overs,” photographing animals from the surface by immersing only the camera into the water. ( I have learned, from experience, that some animals, including penguins and belugas, are much more relaxed when photographed this way.) In other cases, and in warmer water, I have been fortunate enough to slip into the water alongside the animals themselves.

These, in particular, have been extraordinary personal moments, as moving as any I have ever had in the company of wild animals. It is, simply said, addictive - I hope to do more in the years ahead. For now, the following is a sample of my recent underwater work, what I call my “Blue Planet” collection.


humback whale beluga whale king penguin
grey whale dolphins humpback whale


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