THE FALKLAND ISLANDS : Between the Wind & Sea

96 Pages, Soft Cover, ISBN #1-899-392-262, $24.95
Coach House Publications, 2004

The Falkland Islands, in the wild South Atlantic, are home to one of the greatest gatherings of wildlife on Earth.  Award-winning photographer and naturalist Kevin Schafer spent several months in the Islands capturing this extraordinary natural pageant on film.  The result is a vivid, colorful portrait of a windswept paradise.

Kevin Schafer's work has appeared in all of the most respected science and nature magazines in the world including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Smithsonian and Natural History.   He was the 1997 recipient of the Gerald Durrell award for photography of Endangered Species, and his previous book Penguin Planet received the 2000 National Outdoor Book Award.

Excerpt from Chapter 2 : Coming Home

I can think of few places on the planet that compare with the raw spectacle of a seabird colony, or that display the same sheer, unadulterated exuberance of life. In every corner of this avian metropolis are endless dramas of love and loss, terror and tenderness. For me, one of the greatest joys of a seabird colony is that you can sit quietly alongside this unending thrum of activity and watch, with little or no effect on the goings-on.  It is a twenty-four-hour spectacle, a tireless, guano-reeking Serengeti.

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